Friday, May 28, 2010

No Happy Bday for me

I was so sick after the second round of tests. Vomiting black and feeling sick, and weak and having the the chills. Admitted to the hospital for more tests. Isn't this fun and I haven't even gotten started down the road with treating cancer. Got released 24 hrs later and my husband dropped me at home to go and pick up the kids. I feel asleep then woke up 5 hrs later to see that they were still not home. Yep he was having fun not dealing with me. I didn't get my baby when I could have had him. He took those 6 hours away from me where I could have nursed and held my baby that I will not get back. Time is going so fast. I still feel so weak and dizzy especially if I stand up.

Oh forgot to tell you that it is stage 3 cancer, isn't that good news at least it is not stage 4. Yeah right I have good news it's only stage 3 cancer.

My kids have messed up the yard by playing with tools building things and one is running the neighborhood. The others have eaten whatever they can. I can't do this I don't care. It will only get worse from here.

You depressed? Of course I am what do you expect. I am too weak to fight.

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  1. Kim Ann...let your emotions run freely. Your friends love you and appreciate your honest reflections. Your transparency is inspiring and admirable...not depressing. We're with you 100%.