Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How? Why? and grumpy

We told the kids and I didn't cry in front of them. They asked how did I get this and why I got this. I don't know. At least they didn't ask if I was going to die or I would have cried.

I am so grumpy and feeling so sick. Yeah, now I go to the dr and now I feel sick . I didn't feel sick before. All the tests and drinking icky medicine and no eating has made me grumpy, well I am more than grumpy what is the word for that.

I can barely handle the kids normal acting up behavior and now it is making me angry. It was hard enough on days I feel fine and now this. The worse part to know is that I will feel worse, much worse. How do you explain to the kids yeah all the dr visits I am doing is to make me better but I am feeling and looking worse everyday?

Off to more dr appts today. And more next week.

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