Friday, November 1, 2013

Just more tests

I got my results back---CEA (the blood test that can help detect if the cancer is back but is not always perfect) was normal, super sigh of relief about that! But then dr tells me my liver functions are rising, they were just a little high from the blood work a few months ago (which I didn't know!) and then with this lab results it went up even more. So the plan is to take more labs in a couple of weeks to see if it continues to go up. If it does, then an early CT scan. Right now I feel (and I think the dr too) it is not the cancer spreading since my CEA is normal and I don't have jaundice or other red flag signs. The only one sign I have right now is the stomach pain I have every day and I have had that for awhile and that is from the radiation damage. So I am ok emotionally right now, though I do look often at my eyes now, watching for yellow jaundice eyes.