Tuesday, May 18, 2010


My first time out since Monday. And it is only Tuesday. Went to get my license since I lost it. I had just been there a few months ago everyone seemed in the grind and unhappy. Today everyone looked happy and friendly. Why did it seem that way? They have something to be happy about? I wonder who is sick. The old people look so great. I want to be old.

The lady behind the desk says "I get to help the Princess!" (my only daughter usually wears a princess crown as her headband) "Aren't girls great! I love mine, you're going to have so much fun with her as she grows up. All the things moms and daughters get to do together."
Instantly my eyes water up. I quickly turn away. Will I? Is what I think.

Will things like that always get to me?

Dr. office called, moved my appt up to tomorrow. Why did they do that?

I am supposed to take my son to practice. I always do on Tuesday and Thursday. I am so tired. I stayed up till 3 am and up at 7 am. It will be weird being around people.

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