Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Scarlet Letter C

I am now officially branded for cancer-- I had my port surgery. Sort of reminds me of the Scarlet Letter "A". It will give me all the chemo meds. I start Tuesday afternoon. It will be my last day of nursing. I went to count my milk that has filled a huge portion of my freezer and it looks like so much but it is no where close to what I need for Trooper to even get to 1 yr old. So I pumped more and then split an oz of milk! Then I pumped as he cried for me. This is breaking me down. I still can't imagine not nursing him. My chest and arm is sore I can't even have him nurse on the port side since it hurts.


  1. Kim Ann,

    I am Lindsey, a friend of Andrea Tallman's. I came to LLL once in April, and to Andrea's last play group. I have a little Michael, too. I have heard about your news. My father had/has cancer....we are still dealing with it in our family. But my heart feels something different for you...because of your little Michael. You will be in my prayers.

  2. Praying for you Kim Ann. I know a health guy who made his own healthier version of formula that I can look up for you if you are interested. He is old enough and you could avoid formula if you want. I know you are already overwhelmed I am sure though, but felt I should place it out there.
    Take care.