Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nicknames explained

Jedi--my husband--he LOVES Star Wars
Yugi--my 15 yr old son--loves card/computer games
Mr. Clean--my 10 yr old son--loves to clean
Lil Hercules--my 8 yr old son--super strong and talented gymnast
Pumpkin--my 6 yr old son--so cute and best smile ever
Princess--my will turn 4 yrs old on Saturday girl--so of course she is our princess being our only daughter
Trooper--my 9 mth old boy--now my husband might say Trooper is from Star Wars like stormtrooper but it is really because it took 2 wks for him to learn how to latch on and suck. I would say he is being such a trooper since he would keep trying and trying and not give up---he was such a trooper through it.

If I had a nickname for me I would pick Annie. I love that movie, one of my faves. I even had her dress when I was a kid. Sears had a whole line of clothes from the movie and my mom bought me several outfits.

We have 2 dogs--Jango a walker coohound named for a Star Wars character and Reba a bassett hound named for Reba McEntire the country singer

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