Saturday, June 12, 2010

The perfect note and hope

I told you about the fight with my mom about all this judgement of everything about me and my life and how I am dealing with this. She left today early in the morning even before I was awake (that had been the plan all along). She left a note for me. I didn't want to read it because she had made me so upset that I didn't need that again. I finally got the mind to read it and it was the perfect thing to say to me. I couldn't believe it came from her, it was so amazing, it was exactly want I needed. God must have gave her the words to write, a small miracle happened. She gave me a Bible quote that was perfect. And just reflected my feelings back to me---saying yes this is hard, your life is hard, and acknowledging all that I have gone through in my life and what is going to happen. That is what I need. Someone to listen and say yep this sucks and no judgement about how I deal with this and anything else, just acceptance and love. This letter was a miracle and I think God helped her write it considering my mom is an agnostic.

After reading that note I called my sister she told me that when she was at work some woman (who she doesn't know) came up to her and touch her arm and said she could see her sadness and that she would pray for her and her sister and all would be ok. How strange is that. My sister was freaked out. It gives me hope.

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