Sunday, June 20, 2010

Breastfeeding and Weaning how it is supposed to be

I sat the kids down and told them about how I have to stop nursing Trooper. I wanted them to know that this is NOT how it is supposed to be. This is not normal or good. I don't want Princess (my almost 4 yr girl ) to think this is what she should do. What impression have I left her with?? Let a baby cry and wean them when they are so young and that all this "stuff" I have around is normal. Their last memories will not be of me nursing a toddler, but of this horrible situation.

I treasure every nursing I have with him. I will miss most the way he can look up at me and smile at me while still at the breast. He is attached to me, a person, now he will be attached to a bottle, a thing. I hope he will let me hold him and feed him with the bottle.


  1. They know it's not normal. Theres nothing normal about what you are going through. Your daughter will know the value of breastmilk! How could she not with you as her mom. She sees what lengths you are going to to provide breastmilk for him as long as possible.

    My heart is breaking for you over the weaning. You have many friends who *know* how truely heartbreaking premature forced weaning has to be for you and your family. It's going to be a huge adjustment. I pray that for a moment God takes away your pain and gives your peace.

  2. Thank you Janel for you understanding words.

  3. Janel I share in your prayer. Kim Ann, you have done everything in your power to model the value of extended breastfeeding to your children, and I know you will reinforce that at every opportunity. I am so sorry for the heartbreak and pray for God's peace to be with you as you walk through this. Thinking of you today.