Monday, January 31, 2011

Travel=sick, but it was worth it

Went to see my son's gymnastics meet, it was great! He did super! 2nd place All Around and got an amazing 15.2 on high bar placing first place and also got 2nd place on parallel bars and floor and 3rd place on pommel horse and rings. It was his best meet ever!

Then I got sick just like I got sick when we traveled for Christmas. Just like last time I was the only one to get sick. So it makes you worry, is just regular sickness or cancer sickness. I going with regular sickness. I am probably just still weak immune system from chemo and radiation. I know I still don't feel 100% and still tired.

I have an appt with the local GI dr to see if he will follow me if I don't do surgery. Hopefully he will and that appt will go well. I am making Jedi go with me to it. That appt is Monday Feb 7 and I still need someone to watch Trooper and Princess from about 12:30-3 pm so if you can please let me know.

I am also looking at getting a second opinion from a chemo dr about whether I would do more chemo if I don't do surgery. So far my current chemo dr says no he wouldn't do it right now.

Michelle your comment about your birth hits home. I did "crazy" "wrong" "against medical advice" things with my pregnancy and birth with Pumpkin.

Story of Pumpkin, my forth child:

I am not a standard of care person. I never go with the flow easily or without research! When I was 39 weeks pregnant with my him I was told he just turned breech and would need to be induced and csection. I read and looked and asked questions and got a non standard version (where they turn the baby while still inside of you) despite being term and a big baby at 8 and half lbs at the time and I was not induced after they turned him. The standard thing then would be to be induced as soon as you turned the baby before the baby had a chance to turn again. So even then he didn't come for many days later and I was over due too. I know many would say risky and crazy, but I did not think that after doing research and having an experienced ob who does this and I also accepted the need for an immediate csec if the version had complications or didn't work. I guess I just like knowing about options outside the box and knowing lots of information so I can make a decision and I take responsibility for my decisions. And I had an internal knowing it was ok to do what I did.

Some may think this is different, but it isn't. To the medical people all those decisions I made with pumpkin was life and death decisions just like this is. Though I haven't gotten to the "internal knowing" yet with this surgery decision. We'll see if I get there. So my hope is to find a dr who will work with me and follow me and to watch out for if the cancer gets worse and then we do something more about it.

So how did those birth decisions turn out? As you know he's my 6 yr old terrifically cute boy!

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