Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What's happening, at least at this moment

After sitting with this decision more days, I still feel like I am not going to have the surgery. I went back to the local GI dr and he agreed to follow me. So first thing is I will have a scope on Friday to get a base line of where I am. So unless this shows something horrible I sticking with the no surgery decision. This was the first dr visit that I have had that the "d" word wasn't used. He didn't try to talk me into to doing surgery or anything. Maybe it was because of the way I presented myself, who knows. He sounded very interested in doing the scope after seeing the pet scan results and the what the other dr had said about the exam he did. I think he is wondering if it is really that good of results or not.

So anyways the new plan is see chemo dr every 2-3 mths for blood work and scans, see GI dr every 3 mths for exam and 6 mths scopes (not sure totally he will look more into to see how often on scopes), see GYN dr every 2-3 mth for exams.

I really hope the gyn dr will take me and feels comfortable watching for cancer because she was super nice to me and helpful other times (she was the one who helped turn pumpkin), she is also knowledgeable and supportive about other issues that are important to me and I trust her. So the GI dr has talked to her about what is going on with me (I haven't yet) so we will see next week when she is in the office if she says yes.

For now I will stick with my same chemo dr even though we have had some rough patches with him. The GI dr thinks (and others) think he is one of the best in the area.

So after having all this lined up Iowa City GI dr calls to say they need to change the surgery date (it was penciled for Feb 25) to early March. Uh Oh! Deep breath I have to tell him what is going on! I hadn't canceled the pre op set up appts yet since I want to wait till I do the scope and make sure everything looks ok and then I would cancel it. Well, so I let him talk first and then I tell him all of this. And then a pause. And he continues almost if I was going to still have surgery. He then says "Am I nicer, see I didn't make you cry or get upset" "I'm trying a different approach with you. Does it make you want to have surgery more or less now?". I let out a huge laugh! It was too funny! I think the gyn dr must have talked to him. Now I KNOW how much he must want to do my surgery! And plus the gyn dr said the gi dr is so excited to do it. At least, I figure, I am in great hands should I ever do surgery!


  1. So glad to hear that you're at the helm, and the doctors are listening. You're awesome! These appointments with the doctors are trying, but you are teaching them valuable lessons and paving the way for other patients who want to have a say and options in their treatment. Sending lots of love your way!

  2. Glad you feel that you've taken back control now and are happy making some decisions for yourself.

    Even more glad that you've found medical people who are happy to work 'with' you...Much luv xxx