Sunday, February 20, 2011

What a GREAT weekend!

I got the results back from the biopsy--- no cancer was found!!! It is amazing!!! I feel so grateful and blessed, a weight has been lifted off of me and I feel like I can see hope.
Because of the results (and the blood tests and the PET/CT scan and scope) I have decided not to do the surgery. As you know this is still going against what the drs recommend even though all the tests are good. I will have intense monitoring every 8 weeks to check for any reoccurrence. (I have gotten 3 drs--oncologist, gastroenterologist, gyn-- who agreed to follow me even if I don't do surgery.) I have a pelvic ultrasound scheduled for next Wed just to get another baseline so they can compare things as time goes by, just like they will do with the PET/CT scan pictures. And I will have cancer markers (a blood test) the beginning of March.

Also, thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray for me since this cancer has a very high reoccurrence rate and I pray I get time.

That was Friday and then on Saturday I went to my son's gymnastic meet where he did wonderful, of course! He got two 1st places and one second place and 3rd place all around. He also had another personal best score. This was a big and hard meet so this was a good showing.

Also, in an exciting college men's gymnastic meet Saturday night our Iowa Hawks won against a higher ranked team and beat them by a huge margin and posted many high scores. It was an awesome way to end a great weekend of great news!

I feel so great right now, like I can see light and sun. I hope and pray it lasts.
Please continue to pray. Thank you!


  1. Really fantastic news :-))

    Keep well and I'm keeping everything tightly crossed for you, always.

    Hugs xxxx

  2. Big hugs!!! It's always inspiring to read about someone else finding peace in their situation. Keep us posted!

  3. I have been checking your blog for your news all weekend, Kim Ann. I am so happy for you!!!

  4. Kim Ann:) Thanks be to God! As always you're blazing trails! You are in our prayers constantly, and we pray for continued great news and happiness! Big hugs to all of you! Way to go L!!!

  5. KimAnn, what an AMAZING WONDERFUL FANTASTIC JOYFUL update! I'm so encouraged by your blog. :)

  6. Amazting news!!! So happy for you!!!

  7. That is fantastic news!! Prayers will continue!

  8. Praise the Lord! I'm so happy for you.

  9. So happy for you with this news