Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trooper's Milk-breastmilk, since he is not a baby calf :-)

Here is a picture of all the breastmilk I was able to pump in a few weeks time before I had to wean my baby and do chemo treatment for the next 7 months. I remember when I was pumping it took forever to get 2 oz and yet I had a full supply and a baby who was solely on my milk. My baby could get the milk out but not the pump. I remember thinking, at first, wow look at all of this milk that I saved up but then quickly realized it would only last a couple weeks.

As you know I was so blessed to get milk donated for my baby by my friends. I have had one mom who was able to give me a constant supply of milk as she even still feeds her baby. I am SO SO SO THANKFUL for every drop of it! I had thought I would save my milk that I pumped for when I had run out of all the donated milk and my milk would be the last milk he got. I called it his "weaning milk". Well now beyond my wildest expectations I STILL have donated milk for Trooper! It is amazing and such comfort that he has gotten something I could not give him myself but others gave it to him knowing how much it meant to me and for him.

Trooper is now 17 months and still loving and drinking his milk (and of course eating solids). Some might think he is too old or why does he still need it. If I didn't have cancer I would still be nursing him. It is recommended for breastmilk be given by the World Health Organization for at least 2 years (with solids). The benefits of breastmilk don't go away at some certain age. Recently Trooper got sick for 6 days with a high fever, no other symptoms, wasn't sure what was wrong, he was just tired, cranky, didn't eat solid food. That whole time I was so glad we still had breastmilk for him during this. It is easy to digest and provided much needed calories and nutrition since he wasn't eating. Cows milk would have been hard on his system and water wouldn't provide anything except hydration. I felt so comforting to know he had the breastmilk and I am sure that it kept him out of the drs office or hospital because he was still able to drink breastmilk.

So now since I still have donated breastmilk and my milk is getting "older" I will start to use up my milk for Trooper and then go back and use the donated milk since it is "newer".


  1. So glad Trooper has received so much breastmilk, Kim Ann!! I remember asking Natalie how many ounces he needed a day and thinking that was an impossible task for one mom!! I am so glad we were able to do this small, yet so huge, thing for you!!

  2. So happy for your little Trooper! What a blessing!