Thursday, March 10, 2011

So done

It's been a whole pregnancy since I have been dx with cancer and I feel like a pregnant woman who is at the end of the pregnancy and is ready for it to be over. I am so ready for cancer to be over. I sick of dealing with it. I am so sick of going to the doctors. That always brings me down and back to reality. Around everyone else all seems well, look at all the good test results. You all can be happy about it and rejoice. But I go to the doctor and there is no rejoicing just dread from them. Cancer will never be over unlike a pregnancy that will end with a happy little baby. Cancer never ends and when it does end, it really is the end.

So why the horrible downer of a blog post. Because of the horrible chemo dr appt. Just when I think all is well, I made my decision to not have surgery and planning all the follow up with the gi and gyn and now all that was left is to go to the chemo dr follow up appt and then he re hashes the no surgery decision. He veils it in "it's your choice" in his fakey voice and condescending tone. It's my choice to not have surgery but now I will not get the follow up that any other person would get since I didn't have surgery and that I can't promise him I would have surgery if it comes back. Well, so sorry if I can't promise you something about the future, I don't do that. I just don't get this dr. I would not treat a mom I was helping the way I have been treated. If a mom comes to me and I know she has low milk supply (and she knows it too). She says she wants to increase her supply and nurse her baby. I tell her a,b,c,x,y,z is what she needs to do but she only wants to do a,b,c. I don't belittle her. I tell her why it is important to do it all and the consequences of not doing it all etc but I let her decided what she wants to do and I support her best I can even if it is not what I would do or what I think she should do. It is her decision not mine. She will have to live with that decision. I don't. She knows what she is able to do. I don't tell her to promise me she'll do x,y,z if only doing a,b,c doesn't work. I trust this mom, I respect her, it is her life not mine.

I am sick of it all!

I am down about another mom who has this stupid, stupid cancer. She is starting chemo again. I remember saying give me more chemo in response to I would rather have chemo than surgery. Well, when I heard she was going to have to do more chemo a horrible dread feeling came over me. All those feelings and memories of the chemo came flooding back. I hate that she has to go through this. I hate knowing that might be me too. I just want to have cancer be done but it feels like it never will be. I will always have to deal with this.

I want to "move on" and get back to "normal life". Yeah, right, that can never happen. I am trying to not be down and trying to not think of cancer and what it means but it always comes back to my mind. The worst is the thought of not being here for my kids. I HATE that thought, that is the thing that gets me every time.

Ok, let's at least end this post on good things.

I really am so thankful and happy with how well (say a prayer) things are going with the cancer being in remission right now. So despite my rantings know this. It's just those dang drs who keep bringing me down so it is hard to stay happy.

I am also SO SO SO SO SO amazed that Trooper still has breastmilk from a super fab mom who has continued to provide milk for him. Trooper had been sick twice and I am sure he would have been in the hospital if it wasn't for the milk she has given to him. It kept him hydrated and provided calories when he wasn't eating anything. I just want to say it over and over and over again about what this has meant to me. It has been huge and brings me such peace and comfort.


  1. I think it's cruel that the doctor has abandoned you because you are not doing the "standard" thing. My sister had the same experience and it was terrifying. She chose not to have chemo or radiation after surgery revealed she had stage IV ovarian cancer. The surgeon truly disappeared after that. No oncologist ever spoke to her about her prognosis. It was left to my sister, me and her daughters to try to cobble together a plan for her future. Can these doctors predict with 100% certainty what your future holds? Of course not! You must choose the course that is right for you, and that may not be the same as what they want.

  2. I hate reading that your doctor is being a jerk. He probably can't figure out a way to bill if you don't get surgery :P After all, if you were healed, he'd be out of a job.
    Stay true to yourself, it's you inside your head that you have to deal with- and your friends love and support THOSE decisions! Forget about the downer apt, celebrate the news of a clean biopsy!!!!!!! WHOO HOOO!!

  3. They just don't know what to do with such a radical free thinker :)