Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Here is my tip on how to try and keep your hair during chemo and lessen the horrible effect of watching it fall out. Cut it just short enough that it will still go into a little stubby ponytail. Then only wash and comb your hair every 3 days or longer if you can get away with it. Since this is when it is the most traumatic process of washing and combing your hair and seeing it just keep falling out, it doesn't stop no matter how much you comb and still comes out even if you run your fingers through it. Even if you wear your hair down you will shed as you move your head ,so put your hair in the little pony tail and then hairspray it in place and wear it like that all the time. Hairspray really helps keep it on your head. Hopefully I can continue to do this for awhile. It is a good thing I had really thick hair to start with so it may take some time to have it go away.

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  1. Thought of you yesterday, thought of you today, will do it again tomorrow and each and every day.

    It was great seeing you Monday. Your strong voice comes out...and that is a GOOD thing! :)