Thursday, July 1, 2010

Crying and crying

Trooper cries everytime he finishes a bottle. It is not because he is hungry. It is because he still wants to suck. He leaves the bottle in his mouth and cries. I have now switched back to slow flow nipples to try and make it take longer to get the milk so he can have more comfort sucking. I have tried and tried the pacifier (2 types), my thumb, my finger, his finger and thumbs and still he will not take it. He wants to comfort nurse so bad. I know this. I can feel this from him. It breaks my heart.

I have tried to sleep with him for several nights but it still hasn't worked out. He cries and cries despite me trying to comfort him. Jedi has to hold him sleeping in the recliner still. I want to cuddle with him so much.

His new cry is old to me now since he does it so often.

He is taking about 40 oz of breastmilk in 24 hrs!!! He still will only eat one jar of baby food.
Thanks to Jennifer for bringing yummy homemade baby food for Trooper.

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