Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cancer is so so cruel

Cancer is so cruel. Cancer comes and hits someone once but why do you have to come and hit someone again. Cancer is so cruel.

I am so upset over hearing more news of cancer coming back to people who fought it and won, for a time, it shouldn't be that way, you fight it once and it should be done, you did your time, it messed up your life and everyone around you and used your strength and yet it comes back for more fighting. And even when it doesn't come back cancer leaves its fear of coming back with every dr appt and scan and blood test you have. I HATE CANCER!!!!! It takes and takes and takes. I can not fight cancer. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE God come and fight this cruel cancer!!!!!

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  1. Dearest Friend,

    My prayers and thoughts join you in fighting the cancer I wish did not exist.

    Hugs and peace,