Friday, September 10, 2010

I know I am not helpful and the odds

I know this blog is not helpful to the person who finds this and has cancer, sorry I just can't be that way right now, maybe never it feels like. I have come across several blogs that are helpful and I thank them for that, they are way better at this than me. I think it is because I just can't handle anymore at times, I can't be helpful since I am so far in need of help. So remember that is why I put the warning on my the top of my blog to turn back now since this won't help anyone.

I haven't talk to my dad before this for years and recently I had started talking to him on skype (you must try this, very neat and free!). Anyway I haven't talked to him in over a week now and nothing happened between us like it usually would have, it is just that I can't see him with me like this. I think it would be hard for him to see me like this than me not talking with anymore.

This cancer is like a puzzle. When I was first dx I got one piece of the puzzle and every day since then I am getting more and more pieces of the puzzle and I hate the way the picture is looking.

The odds--I should play the lottery--that I person my age would get this type of cancer-- .05 %
Is that shocking or what? Don't forget the point-- way less than 1% chance!

5 Year Survival Rates for my specific cancer type and Stage 3B (T4,N1)---35%-42%

Chance of recurrence 50%

Chance that it will recur within the first year after surgery 5-30%

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  1. Hi hun,

    You're really struggling with all this and it's Okay to feel crap about having cancer.
    Your blog is for you - not to help others...

    I like reading your blog because it's honest and you say how you feel.

    Re Statistics: So easy to look at the negative side of them but what we NEED to do is reverse it....therefore the chances of it NOT recurring within the first year are between 70% and 95%...sounds better?

    If you get past the first year then that 50% chance of recurrance becomes 40% - after 2 yrs it becomes 25%...

    You CAN do this, you're stronger than you think....(((hugs)))
    Carole x