Saturday, September 11, 2010

Trooper Bday, Chemo diet, and I know why this blog is such a downer

I know why this blog is such a downer. I only write when I am down. When I am "ok" I don't post, I am doing things, living life.

But here is some good news. And I mean it. I went to get out jeans since now I get cold easy and then I start to hurt. It was so great fitting into all these jeans that I hadn't worn in forever ( I save all these don't fit clothes before this--you know one day you will fit them) well now I fit them. I love it, it was so fun and made me happy to fit so nicely into them. I love getting dressed now. So for me that is the good thing about chemo, a great and super easy diet. I hated diets before this, it was hard to loose weight. Now it comes off easy.

Today we are celebrating Troopers birthday even though it was Wednesday. He is 1 yr old! And the good thing we made it to 1 yr of nothing but breastmilk! I am so thankful for ALL the milk mamas who helped make that possible, no matter how much or little you gave, we use every drop and grateful no matter the amount you gave. I haven't been out to the deep freeze to see how much is left, scared to but hopefully since it is full we can make it another few months of breastmilk for him. We of course got him a Star Wars birthday cake. On the cake we told the lady to put happy birthday Trooper. We didn't say that wasn't his real name. She gave a look like you named you kid Trooper. :-)

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  1. I love it! Why explain things and give it all away? No fun at all.
    Thinking of you every day,