Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tests mean stress

It's that time again- blood work and ct scan. It always gets me stressed and in a bad mood. Today I go for the ct scan and know I will feel like crap all day from the stuff I drink and iv contrast they give and it will mess my stomach up even more than it is already. And I have to drive my son 1 hr to practice and sit there for 3 hrs and then drive another hr home. I hope I don't throw up. I hate that my husband never comes to any appts/tests/even chemo with me. He doesn't even call me. He is out of touch with this. I am left to shoulder it on my own. So I pray on Tuesday when I go to get the results of these tests that it will be good since I will be by myself and I will have to go home to a full house of my kids since they will be home for spring break. It is so hard to forget about this cancer when something is always reminding you of it! So I have had more freak outs in the last few days than usual. Pleading prayer to God all is well.

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  1. I will pray for you. The freak-outs are so understandable. May God heal you. Love,
    Ruth Donovan, San Diego