Sunday, February 5, 2012

My baby weaned

My latest round of tests went well! Still in remission! Next round March. How long can I make it? I hate that I still have break thru freak outs. Will they ever go away? Probably not since I feel like the only way to not get them is for the impossible to happen--a 100% guarantee that the cancer will not be back.

My baby just drank his last donated breastmilk on Friday night. He was down to one 3 oz bottle at night time. I was worried how Saturday night would go and he was fine. I again must say how happy and grateful that my baby was able to get human milk for this length of time which is the normal length of time for babies to get human milk. It saddens me when I hear of babies who get no human milk and when people do not understand the value and importance for babies to get human milk. I just don't get how people can think cows milk meant for a baby cow that is highly processed with artificial things and not strerile and put in a can is the same as fresh human milk. I am also glad that while I gave him the bottle of human milk I tried to make the bottle feeding as much like breastfeeding as possible which is for all babies no matter what is in the bottle. Babies are supposed to be held when fed and not prop a bottle. A link to describe more of that--

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  1. Hi Kim Ann,
    Hope to see you at the meeting tomorrow. So great to hear your latest scans were good. Thanks for taking us on Michael's journey - I was sad when I saw your post that it was his last bottle, but so greatful that we found someone who understands the importance of Michael's milk and was willing to help. I just can't believe it's almost been 2 years. I think of you often and love to pass on your passion to other nursing moms as they provide the best to their kids. Hope to see you soon!