Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You look good, you sound good

I remember saying that to others. I wonder how they felt when I said that. I know I for some reason don't like it so much. I look good? I have never had so many comments about how good I look until I got cancer. I don't think anyone told me I looked good before I got dx. Maybe I didn't look goo then. So I am supposed to be happy that I look good and feel happy when people say it to me but I do not feel that way at all. I even went to the cancer "Look Good, Feel Better" program they have. It is all about looking good with makeup, wigs and then you will feel better. You get free makeup. It sounded like a good idea and for that time I felt normal girls night out doing something normal and meeting other woman who understood. But in general it doesn't matter if I look good, it doesn't make me feel good. And so I guess that is the sting when I hear (again and again) you look so good. I know the other meaning of this phrase is also really "How can you look so normal and have cancer?" I know that is what I think all the time. I am so normal looking and yet I have this cancer.

Another thing that has annoyed me is "at least you haven't lost your hair". Yes, I have lost my hair. Yep, not completely bald so maybe I shouldn't complain, but you know that won't stop me! :-)

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